Whale Submersible High Flow Pump 12v - GP1652

* Whale Submersible High Flow Pump

* Part No GP1652

* Replacement pump for Whale EP1612


Whale 12v Submersible High Flow Pump. Premium Pump 13 ltrs/min. Reliable, general purpose and suitable for multiple outlets. Long life, very quiet with low power consumption. Replacement pump for Whale EP1612. Part No GP1652

Model Specification:

Voltage: 12V d.c.

Pump: Submersible

Submersible Pump Old Model: GO1652

Fuse Size: 3 amp automotive

Weight: 0.15kg (0.3lbs)

Connection to Flexible Hose: Suits 10mm or 13mm Bore Hose

Connection to Quick Connect Plubing: 12mm WU1211 (Stem Adaptor 11mm - 12mm)

Performance Data:

0m (0ft) - 15.8 ltrs 3.8 amps

1m (3ft) - 14.8 ltrs 3.7 amps

3m (9ft) - 12.8ltrs 3.5 amps

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