Thetford Toilet Waste Tank Automatic Vent - 2372274

This spare part is an automatic vent with a pressure release valve designed for Thetford cassette toilets (C2/C3/C4/C200) made after June 1993, ensuring proper waste management.


Automatic vent for Thetford toilet waste Cassette. Designed for use with C2, C3, C4, and C200 Thetford cassette toilets manufactured after June 1993. A pressure release valve for the waste holding cassette, ensuring efficient functionality. Identified by Thetford Part No 2372274, and is an authentic Thetford component. Comprehensive instructions are included to facilitate installation.

Important to note, this product is not compatible with Thetford toilets from the C220, C400, and C500 series. If you're uncertain about compatibility, feel free to provide us with a photograph of the data plate label situated within the cassette compartment.

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