Thetford Duo Tank Cleaner

Thetford Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated


Thetford Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated: a powerful and highly concentrated solution tailored for the maintenance of your caravan or motorhome's waste-holding and grey water tanks or carriers. This duo cleaner effortlessly eliminates limescale, encrustations, and grease deposits, all without the need for rigorous scrubbing.

Designed for periodic application, typically recommended two to three times a year, this cleaner serves as an excellent safeguard to extend the lifespan of your tanks and carriers. Its concentrated formulation is best utilised in your waste-holding tank, effectively targeting and removing grease and limescale from both the tank's technical components and its interior surfaces.

Experience the benefits of the Thetford Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated across all your grey waste carriers and tanks, ensuring a clean system for your caravan or motorhome.

Size: 800ml

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