Fabsil Tent & Awning Cleaner

Fabsil Tent & Awning Cleaner a powerful water-based solution for outdoor gear cleaning and restoration


Revitalize the look of your tents and awnings effortlessly with the Fabsil Tent & Awning Cleaner a water-based cleaning solution.

Effortlessly clean and restore your outdoor gear with Fabsil Tent & Awning Cleaner, a powerful water-based solution that's gentle on your tents and awnings. This spray-on cleaner effectively eliminates dirt and odours from all types of outdoor fabrics, including canvas, polyester, and nylon, leaving them looking fresh and new.

In addition to all-over cleaning, this versatile cleaner is perfect for spot cleaning on the go, making it a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. It also restores water-repellency, maximizes breathability, and eliminates musky camping smells, ensuring you're ready for your next adventure.

Whether you're preparing for your next camping trip or simply want to keep your outdoor gear in top condition, Fabsil Tent & Awning Cleaner is the ideal solution. Its gentle yet powerful formula is suitable for all materials, and it can even be used on garden furniture and other outdoor accessories. So why wait? Add Fabsil Tent + Awning Cleaner to your outdoor cleaning kit today and enjoy spotless, fresh-smelling gear every time you venture outdoors.

Size 1 Litre

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