Dual Stage Leisure Battery Charger

* Dual Stage Charger for use with Leisure Batteries

* 3 Stage Charging

* Part No PO123



Dual stage charger. For use with Leisure batteries

180 - 264 Volts ac

Output 1
Main 13v - 20amp
Red wire = 13v
Black wire = 0v

Output 2
Battery Charger
14.2v - 13.8v (6amp)
3 stage charger
Yellow wire = batt +
Black wire = batt -

Battery Charger Timing Cycle (3 Stage Charging)
1. Boost
At switch on the charger is in boost phase where the charger output delivers 6amps constant current until o/p voltage reaches 14.2v. At this level the charger enters EQUALISATION phase.
2. Equalisation
Charger output remains at 14.2v (constant voltage) for 4 hours. After 4 hours the charger enters FLOAT phase.
3. Float
Charger output switches to 13.8v (constant voltage) for 20 hours.

Note: Charger performs Equalisation and Float every 24 hours unless the battery voltage falls below 14.2v in Equalisation mode in which case Boost mode will restart.

Battery Drain
When the mains is OFF this unit has a very low battery drain, the figure being only 0.0025 of an amp.

Fan Operation
To ensure silent night time operation the fan switches off at low loads. The fan will start to operate once the load current is in the region of 5amp - 8amp.

Width 250mm x Depth125mm x Height 67mm

Part No PO123

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