Campingaz Replacement Gas Mantles Small

Replacement gas mantles

For Coleman & Campingaz Lanterns

Part No QQ070425


Genuine Campingaz replacement gas mantles which are suitable for use with Coleman and Campingaz gas lanterns.  This pack contains 3 replacement gas mantles in size large and is model specific.  Don’t go on your camping trip without a spare pack of gas mantles.

PLEASE NOTE: Before using for the first time, burn the mantle with a match WITHOUT TURNING THE GAS ON

Size: Small

Quantity in pack: 3

Part No QQ070425

Fits the following Coleman gas lantern models:

  • Bivouac
  • Camping 206 L
  • Lumogaz 270, N206, T206, R, RPZ, 470
  • Lumostar C
  • Lumostar M
  • Minigas 106
  • Mont Blanc
  • Soleio
  • Super Lumogaz 206
  • 600 RL

 Fits the following Campingaz gas lantern models:

  • Campingfore, Compact, Outdoor 190
  • Frontier PZ
  • 3011, 3015, 3112 HPX
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