Thetford Grey Water Fresh Concentrated

Thetford Grey Water Fresh Concentrated ensures an odour free and clean grey water tank


Experience a holiday free from unpleasant odours with Thetford Grey Water Fresh Concentrated. This powerful solution offers a range of benefits:

- Minimises deposit buildup in the grey water tank
- Maintains freshness and cleanliness for an extended period
- Ensures odour free discharge from the tank

When your vehicle has been stationary for a while, the contents of the grey water tank remain stagnant, and any potential odours may go unnoticed. However, once you hit the road, the water and debris start moving, where unpleasant odours travel up through the pipes and into the habitation area.

Grey Water Fresh Concentrated specifically targets soap residue, food particles, and other debris commonly found in the grey water tank, which are the source of unpleasant odours emanating from the drains. Additionally, it effectively reduces deposit formation and maintains the grey water's freshness and cleanliness for an extended period.

Using Grey Water Fresh Concentrated easy. After emptying the grey water tank, simply introduce it through the sink or shower drain. One dose provides coverage for up to seven days of use. With Grey Water Fresh Concentrated, you can now travel with confidence, knowing that you'll enjoy a truly odour free journey.

Size: 800 ml

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