LUMI Rechargeable Awning LED Light - LUMI

LUMI LED rechareable light

Part No LUMI


Lumi rechargeable LED light.  Don't be fooled by its small size.

This rechargeable USB LED light can be used anywhere without mains power and hung up with its detachable hook to give a super bright light. Its ideal for places such as tents, gazebos, parasols, sheds, greenhouses etc.  Simply recharge by plugging into a USB socket with the supplied USB charging cable. In fact when we go away this Lumi light is one of our essential items that we make sure is on board the caravan.

- Gives up to 8 hours light per charge

- Li-ion 2000mAH Advanced lithium battery for faster charge

- Charge up through any USB socket

- Built in switch

- Hanging hook to hang light of awning pole

- Powerful LED: 40 Lumens

- Illuminates an area up to 3m x 3m