John Guest 12mm Pipe Blanking Plug

Seal off water pipes with ease and reliability using the 12mm John Guest Push Fit End Plug, designed for seamless integration and durable performance in caravan, motorhome, and boat plumbing systems.


This 12mm John Guest Push Fit End Plug, is your ultimate solution for securely blanking off water pipes in caravans, motorhomes, and boats. Engineered with precision and reliability in mind, this end plug is easy to fit and provides a watertight seal for your plumbing system.

Its 12mm size fits snugly into compatible piping systems including Whale water systems, providing a seamless integration that eliminates the risk of leaks or drips.

Simply push the plug into place securely. 

The 12mm John Guest Push Fit End Plug offers peace of mind wherever your adventures take you. Whether you're winterising your caravan, stopping pipes from leaking on your motorhome, or preparing your boat for storage, this essential accessory ensures that your water pipes remain securely sealed, protecting your plumbing system from damage and preventing costly leaks.

Don't let leaky pipes ruin your travel plans. Invest in the reliability and convenience of the 12mm John Guest Push Fit End Plug today and enjoy worry-free adventures on the road or water.

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