Whale Grooved Pressure Switch WU7207

Whale Grooved Pressure Switch WU7207

Brand: Whale
Ref: WU7207


Whale Grooved In-Line Pressure Switch WU7207

Allows Regulation of the Pressure in your Water System

• Adjustable cut in / cut out pressure setting
• Suitable for installation into 12mm Whale Quick Connect or 1/2" flexible hose systems
• Controls the pump turning it on and off by sensing changes in water system pressure
• Recommended for use with Whale submersible and in-line booster pumps

Model Specification

Weight: 0.063 kg (0.14 lbs)
Hose Connections: Suitable for Whale Quick Connect 12 mm and
10 mm (3/8") Flexible Hose
Current Rating: 10 amp: 12 V d.c. systems 5 amp: 24 V d.c. systems
Maximum Pressure: 2 bar (30 psi)

Brand: Whale
Product: Whale Grooved Pressure Switch WU7207
Accessory Type: Whale