Toilet Fluids & Accessories

Dometic Green Care Toilet Tabs

Dometic Green Care Toilet Tabs

Brand: Elsan
Ref: 9107200117



Dometic Green Care Tabs - 16 tabs

Environmentally Friendly toilet tabs in soluble wrappers

For use in the waste holding tanks of all portable chemical cassette toilets in caravans, motorhomes, boats, horse boxes etc

Breaks down waste and prevents unpleasant odours

Pleasant and fresh fragrance

Practical, Clean & Efficient - No Mess or spillages

Measured Dose - Simple dispensing

Long lasting and powerful

Convenient and easy to use - Add 1 tab into the waste tank and add 3 litres of water

1 tab treats approx 20 litres of waste

Brand: Elsan
Product: Dometic Green Care Toilet Tabs
Accessory Type: Toilet Fluids & Accessories


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