AWS Approved Workshop Centre

AWS Approved Workshop Centre

Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS)

The Approved Workshop Scheme is a joint venture between the National Caravan Council (NCC), The Caravan Club & The Camping and Caravanning Club.

The scheme gives caravan and motorhome owners the confident to choose the right workshop, knowing that your caravan or motorhome will be serviced by trained & experienced professionals.

The AWS is supported by all the major UK caravan and motorhome manufacturers allowing the annual service of a caravan or motorhome to be carried out by AWS members without affecting the warranty.

What does this mean to you? Well it means that if your caravan or motorhome is a Bailey, Elddis, Swift, Lunar, Coachman, Adria or any other type then Caravan Team as an AWS Approved workshop will be able to service it for you and your warranty will not be invalidated.

Why Service Your Caravan or Motorhome?

All caravans and motorhomes despite their age and amount of use should be regularly serviced and maintained. By carrying out regular checks and servicing, this will help ensure not only is it safe to use and trouble free, but is also in a road worthy condition.

In addition as part of the terms & conditions of your caravan or motorhome warranty it will more than likely state that it is essential to have the caravan or motorhome serviced annually. If you do not have your caravan or motorhome serviced then it may render your warranty invalid.

When the time comes and you decide to sell your caravan or motorhome, having a detailed service history can help to maintain the value of your vehicle and can help encourage the sale to any prospective buyer.

Caravan Team will always provide you with a detailed copy of the Service Schedule together with a Damp Report for your records.

Remember: Caravan Team are here for you.

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