Towing Electrics

12s Type Socket

12s Type Socket

Ref: RI500


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12S Type Socket

* Used to provide power to the lights from a car to a caravan, trailer or horse box

* Used to run other systems such as fridges, internal lights and charging systems from the car battery

* Strong durable plastic with a spring flap

*PIN 1 - Yellow Wire (Reversing Lights)

*PIN 2 - Blue Wire (Battery Charging)

*PIN 3 - White Wire (Earth Return for pins 2 & 4)

*PIN 4 - Green Wire (Power Supply)

*PIN 5 - Brown Wire (Spare)

*PIN 6 - Red Wire (Fridge)

*PIN 7 - Black Wire (Earth Return for Pin 6)

Product: 12s Type Socket
Accessory Type: Towing Electrics